VergeSense raises $60M Series C to transform the workplace. Join our growing team.

We're here to create intelligent spaces where people can thrive.

We take the guesswork out of the design process.

The future of work is increasingly complex — remote workers, distributed teams, flexible multi-tenant office space — how workers interact with each other and how workers interact with their physical space is dynamically changing everyday. 

Yet, decisions around workplace design and strategy are all too often anecdotal, static, and incomplete. Companies need better data about how people are using spaces, so that they can build more purposefully.

We are VergeSense. We build deep learning sensors that capture the most accurate occupancy data on the market. We build algorithms that train our sensors to get smarter over time. We build software that translates that data into real-world insights that make optimizing the office easier. And to ensure that people can continue to go about their work freely, we build sensors that connect seamlessly with other digital workplace tools.

We are scientists, engineers and experts in our field. Our approach is steeped in data and analytics to ensure we deliver the most appropriate and useful insights. Ultimately and above all, we are a team that is passionate about helping people do what they do together, better.

The workplaces of tomorrow will be shaped by the insights we gather today.

Our Values

Be customer obsessed.

Advocate for customers. Constantly listen to customers, prioritize customer needs across every business objective, and continuously add value to the customer experience.

Just get started.

Dive in! You have agency, so take ownership. Don’t hesitate to make decisions and embrace uncertainty as an opportunity to learn.

Deliver quality results.

Maintain razor-sharp focus on what matters. Ruthlessly prioritize, cut distractions, and commit to excellence.

Communicate with high bandwidth.

Communicate in a transparent, accurate, and appropriate manner. Encourage different viewpoints and accept feedback. Speak candidly, even when it may be uncomfortable.

Lead with empathy.

Nurture an inclusive workplace environment where people from all backgrounds are seen, heard, and supported. We thrive together.

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