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Square Feet and Counting

Companies all over the world are using VergeSense to understand how their workspace can work for them.

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How Rapid7 is Using Utilization Data to Balance Space Efficiency and Employee Experience

When companies look to maximize workspace, it often means finding ways to increase the number of people who can occupy an office. Rapid7 has taken a different approach by trying to create spaces that enhance the employee experience — and thus productivity — while using VergeSense data to test the effectiveness of their solutions. Their philosophy is, like many business who are leaders in the war for talent, that employee experience and business outcomes go hand in hand.

How Fresenius Created a Leaner, More Productive Workplace

Like a lot of companies, Fresenius has expanded its square footage as its workforce has grown. The danger with this approach, of course, is that the growth in square footage outpaces the growth in the workforce. In order to combat this trend, Fresenius deployed VergeSense's sensors and utilization dashboard to identify underutilization and plot a course to a more efficient, productive office.