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2021 Workplace Impact Report

A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding the Evolution of the Workplace

The post-pandemic world is going to see a lot of changes in the workplace. We surveyed more than 1,000 executives from large enterprise companies to understand their approach to workplace transformation and employee experience.

Hybrid working is the new norm

84% of enterprises are planning to return to the office

65% of those planning to return to office will return to office by Q3 2021

Of those returning, 74% of enterprises will be hybrid, while 26% will be traditional

Technology and Finance are leaders in driving Q3 return to office initiatives

Safety is the top priority for returning to the office

75% of enterprises rated Safety as their primary concern for their return-to-work strategy.

Productivity and Employee Experience are next most pressing concerns.

Collaboration is the key to employee effectiveness

62% of enterprises indicated meetings have increased since COVID began

73% of enterprises utilize at least two collaboration tools

Employees still lack the choice and flexibility they desire

Only 6% of employees returning hybrid, will be able to define their schedules

79% of enterprises will continue to assign seating for at least 1/4 of employees

Investment in smart building technology is on the rise

65% of enterprises are investing in workplace enablement tools

Corporate real estate portfolio will grow, not shrink

82% of enterprises are either investing in or making no changes to their existing portfolio

89% of enterprises are anticipating revenue growth

82% of enterprises are hiring outside of pre-COVID office locations

72% of companies have a diversified asset portfolio, investing in at least one additional asset type along with owned assets

Survey consisted of 1,020 workplace decision-makers across mutually exclusive enterprises with revenue over $1b across various industries.

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