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Real-time data.
Curated insight.
Transformative action.

Measure your portfolio from building to desk with VergeSense, the world’s most comprehensive workplace analytics platform.

Introducing Entryway

Understand building and floor level utilization with VergeSense’s newest solution

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Return to office with confidence

Comprehensive understanding of your real estate portfolio

The VergeSense solution provides the most complete view into office utilization across campuses, buildings, floors, rooms, individual desks, and more.

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Best-in-class AI powered sensors

VergeSense workplace analytics are powered by deep-learning sensors that count people across the office. Understand usage and occupancy of buildings, seating areas, conference rooms, all the way down to individual desks.

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Turn real-time data into action

VergeSense gathers the highest fidelity of occupancy data that helps you better understand how to maximize your workspace. Discover how VergeSense can turn your real estate from a cost burden to an advantage.

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A scalable operating system for your workplace

Through VergeSense’s open API and robust partner ecosystem, real-time data can fuel workplace management systems, space reservation systems, and other digital workplace tools.

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The VergeSense Difference

People Counting

Best-in-class people counting across any space type: rooms, open areas, and more.

Computer Vision

AI powered data capture uses computer vision and deep learning to anonymously read the room and get smarter over time.

Signs of Life™

Proprietary algorithm detects the items people leave behind for more accurate occupancy counts.