Measure everything about your office environment with data you trust

Last year's occupancy benchmarks are no longer relevant to today's workplace. Ready your office with the data you’ll need to build the most productive and safe environment for your team.

Analytics to inform your workplace decisions

Answer questions like: How many employees are coming into the office? How frequently and on what days? What spaces do they use and when? What desks are being used, and which can be reassigned?

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The most accurate data through intelligent sensors

Accuracy is everything. VergeSense sensors provide the most granular and reliable data on the market. We can tell you when a space is in-use even if a person isn’t physically present  — by recognizing that personal belongings, like a laptop or coat, are holding the space.

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Power your workplace applications with real-time data

Through VergeSense’s open API and robust partner ecosystem, real-time data can fuel workplace management systems, space reservation systems, and other digital workplace tools. We’re here to support your full workflow.

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Unprecedented visibility into how your spaces work for your people

Expand your knowledge of the ways people use space

Recognize behavior patterns and space usage to identify opportunities for savings.

The VergeSense Difference

People Counting

Best-in-class people counting across any space type: rooms, open areas, and more.

Computer Vision

AI powered data capture uses computer vision and deep learning to anonymously read the room and get smarter over time.

Signs of Life™

Proprietary algorithm detects the items people leave behind for more accurate occupancy counts.

Object Detection

Advanced data modeling to track the movement of workplace assets and supplies