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How to Leverage the Future of Workplace Analytics

Jan 14 2021

In the last decade, large corporations came to the realization that there is an enormous opportunity to transform the way they allocate, use, and manage office space. Many of these companies have millions of square feet distributed across the globe in high-rent districts, yet space was allocated using old school principles that assigned space inefficiently by today’s standards (e.g. 1:1 assignment, private offices).

We've evolved past this mindset given the events of 2020, and the command for a workplace transformation is clearer now than ever before. Legacy processes simply will not sustain the workplace evolutions required to enable hybrid workforces to remain productive and continue to deliver. 

In our new guide, How to Leverage the Future of Workplace Analytics, you'll discover a deep-dive into the core challenges that workplace professionals face today as it relates to having the data they need to make informed design decisions.  We'll also introduce a glimpse into a future where workplace analytics platforms, like VergeSense, are fueling the critical growth and innovation enterprises need to transform their workplace experience across the globe.

The topics within the guide include:

1. Adopting Activity Based Working: Core Challenges

A look into the challenges enterprises are facing in understanding how employees and tenants use space. 

2. Opaque Visibility Through Incomplete Technology

The shortcomings of legacy workplace technologies and what workplace professionals are pinpointing as their biggest hurdles.

3. The VergeSense Difference

How today’s enterprises have used VergeSense data to get surgical about their space utilization modifications. 

4. The COVID Effect

A breakdown of the top issues surrounding the facilitation of a safe office re-entry in a post-vaccine society.

5. How to Future-Proof Your Workplace

The most critical components that workplace transformation technologies need to deliver, including information security and actionable metrics. 

View the free guide in its entirety, here

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